All countries, cities, regions, organizations and project promoters seeking finance are invited to submit their project applications. Applications submitted will be screened based on the project assessment tool used by the investor’s Sustainable Infrastructure Grading Tool and also by our Financial Advisory Committee. This committee includes members of the financial services community and investment experts.

Selection Process

Eligible applicants can submit their projects for in-depth screening. All qualifying projects will undergo the selection criteria. The grading tool is a self-evaluation instrument that provides insights into the distinction between sustainable infrastructure and an existing understanding of infrastructure as an asset class. All projects should include information on growth and return-on-investment perspectives, the planning stage, technology represented, market perspectives, risk associated, and available co-funding or additional benefits (e.g., carbon credits).


Only projects with the potential for successful financing will be invited to participate in the next stage of the funding process. 

Water Solutions
Roads & Bridges

Steps and Requirements Before Commencing of Projects

  1. Memo of Understanding (MOU) on specified infrastructure projects like trains, bullet trains, airports, seaports, highways, etc. The MOU should come from the source offering the infrastructure project. The MOU forms the basis for the investors review.

  2. Approval (licensed) from the government based on the MOU.

  3. The investor will then request for information to do their Due Diligence (DD)

  4. After DD has been provided, a Profit Sharing Agreement will be drafted and negotiated between the investor, the government, and whoever provided the blessings to get the infrastructure projects through.

  5. Only after the MOU, government project license issuance, Due Diligence and Profit Sharing Agreement is completed, will the funding be released.