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The People Call it House of Hope.”

The Nova Gaia Orphanage - Malawi opened its doors when the need arose in the remote African village in the Southeastern region of the county. It currently serves over 500 people – the majority of which are children – with facilities designed to accommodate 300. So named "House of Hope" because it has humbly tends to orphans, widows, elderly and the infirm since its opening.


Hope springs eternal at our Christian-based home, but everything else is in short supply. Food, clothing, bedding, education, water, crops, housing, medical supplies and money are always severely needed.


Sponsored by the humanitarian-based Nova Gaia Foundation – a "boots on the ground" offshoot of the global Prepare for Change movement – the vital village asset meets its basic needs thanks to members and donors.


Please help us extend our mission in supporting "House of Hope" and their disadvantaged population with agriculture, food, disease-prevention, health, well-being, development, education, disaster relief, shelter, displacement and other humanitarian issues incumbent in a merging community. Explore areas to give to at the "needs" page of this site. 

Many people are depending on you. Many hearts are hopeful.


“You cannot tell a hungry child that you gave him food yesterday.” 

Zimbabwean Proverb


Support Our Mission

Our community survives through the aid of many.

Donations are vitally needed and greatly appreciated.

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