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About House of Hope

How We Began

The orphanage originally began as an alternative because another nearby orphanage had reached capacity.


Keyason Manjolo had been an orphan served by the other orphanage. He made a connection with an early member of Prepare for Change Los Angeles whose roots were in Africa. This member modestly asked PFC group members for donations and he shared awareness of the orphans plight with members who decided to make a regular donation to the home that became know for offering hope to many in the area. Thus, it became known as "Hope House." 

Prepare for Change has been supporting the orphanage since 2015.

Who We Serve

Nova Gaia Orphanage is serving a little over 500 at the location that is meant to serve 300. The orphanage is in a community of about 2,000 people that is one of a few small villages in the area. The village is predominantly young people. Many orphans exist because disease (AIDS), war and poverty has claimed the lives of many men. The orphanage also serves about 47 mostly destitute women/widows as well as elderly and infirm.

Where We're Located

"The House of Hope" Nova Gaia Orphanage - Malawi is in an area about two districts north of the south eastern tip of Malawi, Africa. It is in the Chikwawa region. The town of Chikwawa is about 5km away. The next major city is Blantyre - almost 2 hours away by vehicle.

It is surrounded by the coastal country of Mozambique on the east and Zimbabwe on the west. 

The closest village is 2km away where there is power and access to supplies. To receive money and supplies, our leader travels there about once a week by foot or bicycle. A bus does provide service to the village twice daily.

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