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Infrastructure Projects

Nova Gaia Foundation will facilitate financing from
Fortune 500 class investors with large international solvency for global infrastructure development
including roads, bridges, tunnels, electrified and urban railways, buildings, irrigation works, hydroelectric projects, ports, waterways, airports, hosptials, housing, among others.


Humanitarian Projects

As the world faces revolutionary changes, the Nova Gaia Foundation has been chosen to present qualified humanitarian projects to select investment groups interested in supporting solution initiatives for agriculture, food, disease, health, well-being, development, education, disaster relief, shelter, displacement and other humanitarian issues.




Nova Gaia Foundation has been selected by several A-list Fortune 500 international investors and financial companies as well as private investors to proudly present prosperity projects focused on both humanitarian and infrastructure works.

An agreement has been made with US Governments to allow investment of hundreds of billions of dollars in various infrastructure projects within the US and the rest of the world. As a result of this agreement, Nova Gaia Foundation is now actively seeking infrastructure projects globally that drive a vision of sustainable development and social responsibility to reduce the gap of poverty and inequity world-wide.

See Submission Guidelines for more detail on how to submit a project.




For any inquiries, or questions, kindly please fill out the following form:

Humanitarian Projects
Infrastructure Projects

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