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Limitless Potential

Nova Gaia Foundation is now offering global infrastructure promoters the unique opportunity to present their projects, via Nova Gaia Foundation facilitation, to our international Fortune 500 investor groups and investor class. This conglomerate of project backers have experience in infrastructure development, including roads, bridges, tunnels, electrified and urban railways, buildings, irrigation works, hydroelectric projects, ports, waterways, airports, among others. Some funders also supply engineering equipment and engage in component manufacturing, as well as providing survey, design, construction and installation, industrial manufacturing, and consulting services. Also among their experience are expanded operations to real estate and property development, mineral resources, financial investments, and other business.

Our investors are several and are chosen respective of the nature of the proposed project, at which time the submitting parties will become aware of the funding sources.

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General Information for Project Promoters

We define infrastructure to include roads, railways, airports, power generation and transmission, ports, communications, water and waste, together with social infrastructure, such as hospitals, schools and housing. Given the common characteristics of some infrastructure investments, there may be several similar projects in the pipeline that may be under consideration with the investor. In such cases, the interested parties will be given notification in hopes that a solution may be worked out satisfying all concerned parties.

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